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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sa Sinisikmura Dahil Nalipasan Ng Gutom 'Banna Blend Instant Rice Coffee is Good'

For those who do not want to drink caffeinated beverages, Banna Blend Instant Rice Coffee is an alternative. It is a great caffeine free coffee. Mabisa ito pangtanggal ng kabag o di kaya naman kung ikaw ay sinisikmura dahil malimit kang nalilipasan ng gutom dahil nakasobsob ka sa trabaho.

Banna Blend Instant Rice Coffee - Manufactured By Bagnos-MPC, Bgy. Binacag Banna, Ilocos Norte

Banna Blend Instant Rice Coffee is also an alternative sa mga taong may hypertension, heart ailment na bawal uminom ng pure coffee dahil ang pure caffeinated coffee na kinasanayang inumin ay nagpapabilis ng pagtibok ng puso.

Direction for use:

For an aroma rich coffee put a teaspoon of Banna Blend Instant Rice Coffee in a cup and stir in sugar, creamer or milk if desired. Add boiling water stir it again and enjoy your cup of hot caffeine-free coffee. Mabango, masarap inumin at banayad sa lalamunan.

Banna Blend Instant Rice Coffee is manufactured by Bagnos MPC - Bgy. Binacag Banna, Ilocos Norte. Ingredients: Mountain grown hybrid rice - roasted and ground to perfection. It is natural, no caffeine and no preservative. The price is affordable - a net wt of 125g is only worth of ph50. They are available now in supermarkets and malls.

During World War II also known panahon ng Hapon, ang rice coffee came to popularity as toasted rice in replacement of regular caffeinated coffee. Sometimes pag naubusan ako ng pure caffeinated coffee, I toasted some rice in the pan til they turned into brown color and then put some water and boiled it, put some sugar and the last step is to enjoy my alternative cup of caffeine free hot rice coffee.

For additional benefits of Rice Coffee visit: Rice Coffee Health Benefits

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