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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Duterte-Marcos Supporters are Ahead in News Reporting Than The Biased Media: 40.59% of Filipino Population are Using Internet

Did you notice that from the day President Duterte stepped on to Malacanang, most of the news reports published on broadsheets, aired on Television and Radio Networks by the biased media networks in the Philippines were merely focused on issues degrading the president's capability and ability to lead this country? Most of their news reports sensationalized the negative side of the truth. Mostly of the time, they feed the Filipino people and the world with misleading headlines.

Maharlika Interview the Supporters of Pres. Duterte and Bong Bong Marcos

I seldom see, watch and read news reports from these biased media networks that focused on good governance of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. They do not used and wasted their time to publish the good results from the Duterte's Administration in fighting against the drug menace in the country, the actions made by Duterte to suppress crimes in the country side as well as the actions of Duterte's government to stop corruption and other good projects of the Duterte' Administration instead, they worked hard hand-in-hand to demoralize Duterte's leadership to his down fall.

Their failures to report news about new things happening in our surroundings etc. and etc., is where Duterte-Marcos' supporters will step in and fill up the vacuum. Yes. I admit that mostly of Duterte and Marcos' supporters are not Journalists but they know how to gather facts, they know how to search information, they know how to investigate a subject needed for making news as well as they know how to write news items. In  other words, these supporters of Duterte-Marcos can do the job of Journalists - the only difference is that they do not make and write news under the supervision of Editors of any media networks owned by the Yellow oligarchs.

Yes. I am one of the volunteers of Duterte and Marcos Online Pen Warriors that started on the day of May 9, 2016 election. But before I became one of those volunteers, I already had started blogging online way back in 2000. So far, I already published hundreds of blog articles published at my own blog sites and in other sharing revenue websites. Online blogging has become my favorite hobby - I do write articles with my intentions to inform and to entertain other online users. I write my blog articles based from my personal experiences and from other sources of ideas - like the below information I had found and wanted it to share to you guys.

According to the 2015 Philippine Census, the population of the Philippines has reached so far to 100,981,437 (2016 census reports are not yet determined). Out of this total Filipino population, 59.41% or equivalents to 59,996,783 Filipinos are not using the Internet. While the 40,984,654 Filipinos or equivalents to 40.59% are using the Internet.

Base from the above figures and information - can you imagine how powerful are the Duterte and Marcos supporters online pen warriors - if all of the 16,601,997 Filipinos who have casted their votes for Mayor Duterte plus the 14,155,344 Filipinos who have given their trusts and confidence to Bong Bong Marcos for the VP position are using the Internet? These Filipinos who have supported Duterte-Marcos Team during the election day are still supporting Duterte and Marcos in full force - this is one of the reasons why Maria Ressa of Rappler CEO and Bam Aquino wanted to control the Social Media and the Internet.

As of August 2016, according to the United Nations, the total humans currently living was estimated at 7.4 billion. Out of 7.4 billion population - there are 4.4 billion people around the world still do not have Internet. So, we can say that the World Wide Web (WWW) still is not all that worldwide. Even in the United States, there are 50 million people do not use the Internet by choice.

And according to International Telecommunications Union through the household surveys and from Internet subscription data - they have recorded estimates about the number of population who are not using the Internet as well as who are using the Internet for the years 2005, 2010, 2014 and 2015-2016 as follows:

In 2005, the total population of the world has reached so far to 6.5 billion. Out of these numbers - 84% of the population were not using the Internet while the 16% of the population were using the Internet.

In 2010, the total population of the world was recorded as 6.9 billion. Out of these numbers - 70% of the population were not using the Internet while the 30% of the population were using the Internet.

In 2014, the total population has reached so far to 7.2 billion. Out of these numbers, the 60% of the population were not using the Internet and 40% of the population were using the Internet.

For the 2015-2016, the total population of the world has reached so far to 7.4 billion. Out of these numbers 59.46% or 4.4 billion of the world population are not using the Internet while the 40.54% or 3 billion of the present world's population are using the Internet.

About the Author

Paul is a Web content creator, online marketer, products and services promoter, online writer and a Filipino blogger. He has no specific areas where his writing will focus on.He writes any subject that interests him under the merciless sun. He loves Internetting and Face-booking. His favorite saying: "Dream big and don't stop without giving it a chance to come true." 

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