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Monday, January 30, 2017

Philippines Won The 65th Miss Universe Pageant Competition: Thanks to Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo For The Successful Hosting

Out of hundred countries vying to become the lucky country to host the 65th Miss Universe Pageant Competition - the hosting was granted to Philippines. Congratulations to the Department of Tourism headed by Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo and other people who have contributed great efforts to making the event successful.

The 65th Miss Universe 2016 - Miss France
There were about 86 beautiful women representing the 86 countries to compete for the 65th Miss Universe Crown. And the luckiest beautiful woman who garnered the Miss Universe Crown 2016 was Miss France. Congratulations Miss France - the whole Universe is happy for you.

The 65th Miss Universe 2016 1st Runner-Up - Miss Haiti
During the 65th Miss Universe Pageant Competition - our very own Miss Universe candidate representing the Philippines Ms Maxine Medina showed her best to compete with the other 85 candidates with beauty and brains. Yes. She failed to advance for the top 3 but she was one of the top six Miss Universe candidates. And I am sure the Philippines is proud of her - Congratulations Maxine.

The 65th Miss Universe 2016 2nd Runner-Up - Miss Columbia
Again congratulations to Miss France who won the 65th Miss Universe 2016 Crown. Also to Miss Haiti who also lucky and garnered the 65th Miss Universe 2016 1st runner-up crown, to Miss Columbia for the 65th Miss Universe 2nd runner-up 2016 crown and to Miss Pia Wurtzbach - our very own Miss Universe 2015 - who have made her last walks.

Miss Philippines Maxine Medina - One of the top 6 Miss Universe 2016 Candidates
The 85 Miss Universe Candidates representing the 85 countries of the world aside from Miss Maxine Medina are the living witnesses to shout to the whole world that Philippines is beautiful and it is safer now to travel around the country side under the Duterte's leadership. 

Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach - the 64th Miss Universe 2015
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