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Monday, January 16, 2017

Joke of The Day: My Precious Palms are Becoming Wild - Now Complaining: How About Yours?

Palm reading is used by many modern pagans and new age practitioners as a form of divination or personality reading. And interpreting the meaning behind the lines of the palm is a significant part of palm reading. It requires an understanding that there are both major lines and minor lines. 
My Two Precious Palms
Well, whatever is the interpretation of the lines of my palms - my palms are there for me for whatever I do. They are flexible though sometimes they are on stubborn mood. However, they are too funny and too friendly as well.
A Rooster, Chicken: Photo Credits - Pixabay
Sometimes they complained, said:

When ever he wanted to go somewhere
He always asked us to go with him
we went out hand-in-hand
and returned home holding hands…

Whatever he wanted to do for himself
He always called us to do it for him
He couldn’t stand alone for his own…

He said, we are his best friends
His life could be miserable without us…

But the truth is he treated us
not his buddies but his slaves
We have no right and freedom to complain…
And whatever his heart dictates
His brain and body desires
We always run for his wishes: 

Bashing the candle
Buffing the banana
Choking the chicken
Cleaning his rifle
Cuffing the carrot
Polishing the banister
Polishing the rocket
Tossing the turkey
And walking his dog
Are the same terms
For the same job: 
His dog became stronger and harder
and you know what we got? 
His sweet smiles of satisfactions! 
Holding a Banana and a Red Pepper: Photo Credits - Pixabay
To my online friends and visitors - can you sum up and interpret what has been said above between lines? If you were a Filipino can you give the equivalent term in Tag-alog which is "----------------" that according to scientific health survey, it is considered a very effective tool and method to fight homesickness. And if you were an English speaking person I presume that you know what is the equivalent term in English language - it is called the "-----------------r".

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