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Monday, January 2, 2017

What Attract You to Like and Love President Duterte? A Wise Thinker Possesses Healthy Body and Brain

BUONG MUNDO! Bilib Na Bilib Kay President Duterte A 2016 Year End Report

What attract you to like and love President Duterte? Our president is a wise thinker. He possesses healthy body and brain. He has produced good quality of products. His products proved how good he is. President Duterte is wise enough with his hard works, most of the Filipinos nowadays are harvesting the good products which are the results of our president efforts.

Any person is capable to blog. What he would need is just a little push and interest to start the work. Of course, he would need concentration and focus to produce a good and interesting blog. Since blogging is a work, all the nerves of the brains would also work because blogging needs thinking and a wise thinking is a good exercise for a healthy brain. And it is normal now that most of blog site owners have ventured with the different affiliate programs available online like Google AdSense Affiliate, Chitika Affiliate, Lejit Affiliate, ShareAsale Affiliate and  etc. to monetize their blog sites.

What attract you to hang-on to a particular blog? And what do you expect from a blog site? Below are awesome blog sites I personally collected to share to you. They cater what things other people liked and loved so greatly on this planet. They are open for critiques, comments and other invaluable suggestions from anyone.

The Mindset of the Brain - Photo Credits Pixabay
Article Photo Blog - this was created from the idea "turning articles into photo blog". Photo describing what the article is all about with a short description under it and the URL of the article. This method is normally used when one is sharing his article published on other publishing sites as part of his marketing strategy.

Health, Wealth and Happiness Blog - this blog teaches how to become a wise consumer and to enjoy the benefits being a wise consumer. It teaches some helpful and healthy ideas how to become part of a world with one market, one company and one mind. It informs people the great difference between the regular consumer and the wise consumer.

HIT Daxen Blog - HIT is the English meaning of Daxen which is a Malaysian word. HIT stands for Honesty, Integrity and Trustworthy. This blog caters mostly articles about Daxen. There are a lot of things to learn from this blog like: Why The Rich Get Richer, Are You an Entrepreneur, The Magic of Organic Products and Values of Network Marketing.
Just Obey Boss (JOB) Blog - this was created merely for fresh graduates around the world, who are positively looking for jobs or positively thinking to start business. Of course, there are also other interesting and inspiring subject topics that can inspire the would-be visitors and readers to hang-on on the site.

Original Filipino Writings (OFWs) Blog - this was created to cater all of the published poems, stories, personal experiences that are written in Filipino language. And who ever visited on this blog is advised to use or apply the Google translation which is available on this blog. 

Proud Pinoy Blog - to describe it, I quote: The lament of unity gave the Filipino strength and eventually intensify the struggle. The result was their long desired independence flourished and lived until now. 
Star Articles Blog - it caters articles about health, web marketing, reviews, social media, issues, celebrities, music, search engines optimization, business, alternative medicines, science, etc. I quote some of the articles already published there like: The Right Way to Eat, How to Maximize The Use of StumbleUpon, How to Turn Your Blog Into Audio and The Smoke of Controversy.

The Creator and Inventor Blog - this Blog showcases anything under the merciless sun from educational pieces, history, blog and blogging, people, issues, celebrities, travel writing, Writing tips, Websites reviews, Business and other Business opportunities, Tips on Article marketing, Music, Science, Search Engines and many more.

WellCome Blog - the word WellCome came from the words Wellness and Income. It caters articles about Health and Wellness products like Healthy Supplements, Healthy Food and Beverages, MycoVegy, and some Skin Series products and teaches How they could generate Income as well from using these healthy and wellness products available.

Wikinut Awesome Blog - this blog caters articles about Education, History, Health, Article Marketing, Web Marketing, Bookmarking Sites, Social Networks, Site Reviews, Social Media, Issues, Celebrities, Music, Money, Making Money Online, Business, Business Opportunities, Search Engines Optimization, Music, Science, Self-Improvement, Blog, Blogging, Writing, Writing Tips, Travel and Technology.

You Love CoolThings Too Blog - is about anything and everything that caters articles about business, Travel, Reviews, Writing, Humor, News, Celebrities, Guides, Jobs, Family, Health, Money, Music, Videos and many more. It also welcomes people around the world who are positively thinking to start business with VMobile Technology business.
About The Author
Paul is a Web content creator, online marketer, products and services promoter, online writer and a Filipino blogger. He has no specific areas where his writing will focus on. He writes any subject that interests him under the merciless sun. He loves Internetting and Face-booking. His favorite saying: "Dream big and don't stop without giving it a chance to come true."

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