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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Why The Yellows are Ganging-up With Fil-Am Loida Nicholas Lewis? Napakarami Na Ang Mga Nagawa Ng Duterte Government


Why the Yellows are ganging up with Fil Am Loida Nicholas Lewis, so desperately in overthrowing the newly elected President Duterte?  Below are crimes committed against the Filipino people during the Yellows reign,  namely:

  • Unsolved Mendiola Massacre
  • Unsolved Hda. Luisita Massacre
  • Unsolved Luneta Hostage Taking Massacre
  • Unsolved Atimonan Massacre
  • Unsolved Basilan 19 Massacre
  • Unsolved Zamboanga Seized
  • Unsolved Mamasapano SAF 44 Massacre
  • Unsolved Kidapawan Massacre
  • Institutionalizing Corruption in the Executive, Legislative & Judiciary.
  • Involvement of High Ranking PNP Generals in Illegal Drugs
  • Involvement of the DOJ Secretary in Illegal Drugs & Protection Racket.
  • Involvement of the DILG in the Illegal Drugs.
  • Involvement of the Executive Secretary in Illegal Drugs.
  • High Criminality Rate for 30 long years of Yellow Administration.
  • Rampant corruption in government departments, including smuggling of sugar, rice, vegetables, fertilizers & farm equipments.
  • Non-collection by BIR of payments from Shell, Dunkin Donuts, and other Yellow Oligarch Business Establishments.
  • Human trafficking and jueteng.
  • Plunder of the country's wealth.
  • Illegal sale of gold bullions in Thailand, signed by no less than Cabinet Members of Noynoy.
  • Overpricing of government vehicles and purchases, etc, etc!

I understand now by looking at the above list of crimes committed by the Yellows why President Duterte said that many will stop him, many will go against him and many even try to kill him because his principles and dignity are over on how to fix this country. 

To all the Filipinos around the world, let us unite and become "Partners For Change" under the leadership of President Duterte.

Source of idea and other info: YouTube and FacebookGroupsOfFriends

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