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Monday, January 30, 2017

Hope One Day to Work Abroad is Just a Personal Option Not a Necessity

When Paul started his adventures on far away lands - some people found him as a dreamer. Others found him uncultured brute. His peers and friends described him as friendly animal and can kick you off when it is needed. But for Paul what the people were talking about him were just the downside of his true nature. Yes. Paul admitted that he sometimes acted as a wild beast. However, there were also people have admired him.

Paul on Pinoy Xtra - Arab News
While working, Paul also has devoted his time to write poems, essays, articles and stories of different subjects and themes. Paul found them interesting hobbies specially during his spare times. Also he found them as best medicines and effective ways to fight over homesickness. 

Paul said, "Hindi po biro ang lumayo sa ating mga pamilya. Hindi rin po madali na labanan ang lungkot. Ang paghahabi o pagsusulat po ng tula't kuwento ay nakita ko po na effective way to fight over homesickness. Sa paraang ito ay nagagawa kong paglaruan ang iba’t-ibang imosyon gamit ang mga salitang tumutumbok sa tunay kong damdamin at diwa. Kahit nasa gitna po ako ng problema, idinadaan ko po iyon sa paghabi ng tula sa ngalan ng pag-ibig." 

Mostly of his poems mga tula were written in Pilipino language. Below are sample of Paul's poem collections with subjects and themes are about life and some political issues happening on his country, namely:

​On January 4, 2009, the Editor of Pinoy Xtra, Arab News Mr. Rodolfo C, Estimo Jr. has featured Paul on their newspapers. Pinoy Xtra is an 8 pages - its contents are written in Pilipino language about life, adventures and other things important to the Filipinos in the Middle East and around the globe. Pinoy Xtra is printed every Sunday with the English Arab Newspapers in the Kingdom. This is a free eight pages provided by Arab Newspapers to its Pilipino readers. This Tag-alog newspapers is accepting contributions like poems, personal stories, news stories, business stories from Filipino writers and OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) from around the world. 

Paul said that Arab Newspapers - the number one English Newspapers in the Kingdom was the first to publish some of his letters to Editor that started in 1994. And he has become one of the contributors of Pinoy Xtra since its inception in 2004. And he has already published several poems or mga tula, letters to Editor and other Editorial pieces under the names Paul Pruel and Paulino O. Pruel. He said that both Arab Newspapers and Pinoy Xtra have inspired him to continue his writing hobby not only on print but also on online writing. 

Aside from Pinoy Xtra and Arab Newspapers, the Editor of an online website the OFWGuide.com has also featured Paul as Bayani Rin Ako! Featured OFW entitled: "Paulino O. Pruel: Things Get Better and Better". It was featured on May 20, 2009. The story was about Paul first 15 years on the desert. If interested to read the above story - you may visit the link: Things Get Better and Better. It is still available on their website. 

​I quote what Paul's message for the million OFWs in the world, "Alam natin kung bakit tayo ay nangibang bansa - iyon ay di lamang para sa ating mga sarili kungdi para sa ating mga minamahal na naiwan sa Pinas, ang mabigyan sila ng magandang buhay at kinabukasan. Huwag hayaan na madaig tayo ng homesickness at panghinaan ng loob. Maraming tukso sa ating paligid, pero labanan natin sila. Laging magdasal. Higit sa lahat mahalin natin kung anuman ang trabaho ang mayroon tayo ngayon."

About the Author

Paul is a Web content creator, online marketer, products and services promoter, online writer and a Filipino blogger. He has no specific areas where his writing will focus on.He writes any subject that interests him under the merciless sun. He loves Internetting and Face-booking. His favorite saying: "Dream big and don't stop without giving it a chance to come true."

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