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Sunday, January 22, 2017

6 Possible Answers to The Question - How Many Countries are There in The World Now? This Might Be Asked in The Miss Universe Pageant 2017

If asked by someone about – How many countries are there in the world now? Do not just give the number right what is in your mind.  You have to consider that there are sovereign states, states with at least partial recognition, De Facto sovereign states, FiFa countries, Olympic nations, and there are Country Codes in the ISO standard list. The six possible answers to the question are all considered correct.

  • 195 Sovereign States According to the UN
UN Members: 193
UN Observer States: 2
Total: 195
  • 201 States With At Least Partial Recognition
UN Members: 193
UN Observer States: 2
States With Partial Recognition: 6
Total: 201
  • 204-207 De Facto Sovereign States
UN Members: 193
UN Observer States: 2
States With Partial Recognition: 6
Unrecognized de facto Sovereign States: 3 to 6
Total: 204 to 207
  • 206 Olympic Nations
Olympic Nations that are UN Member States: 193
Olympic Nations that are UN Observer States: 1
Olympic Nations that are Partially-recognized States: 2
Olympic Nations that are Dependent Territories: 10
Total IOC-Recognized Olympic Nations: 206
  • 211 FIFA Countries Eligible for the World Cup
Teams of UN Member States: 186
Teams of UN Observer States: 1
Teams of Partially Recognized States: 2
Teams of UK Constituent Countries: 4
Teams of Dependent Territories: 18
Total FIFA Member Associations: 211
  • 249 Country Codes in the ISO Standard List
UN Members: 193
UN Observer States: 2
States With Partial Recognition: 2
Inhabited Dependent Territories: 45
Uninhabited Territories: 6
Antarctica: 1
Total: 249
To get the whole details and idea about the complete listing of the countries visit World Atlas for information about countries, continents, facts, geography including the World’s economy, population clocks and the environments.

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