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Thursday, January 12, 2017

If BongBong Marcos Won His Electoral Protest, The Yellows Would Stop From Destabilizing The Duterte's Administration. Why?

If Bong Bong Marcos won his electoral protest for the Vice Presidency against his rival Leni Robredo, the Yellows have no choice but to accept the court rulings and they would come in full force to support the Duterte's Administration because if they still insist with their plot to oust President Duterte and they succeeded it - under the Philippines Constitution, if the president has vacated his position or can no longer keep his duties and obligations to the country and people, Bong Bong Marcos will take over the presidency position mandated under our Philippine Law. 

The President and The Vice President of The Republic of The Philippines - Duterte-Marcos

Of course, the Yellow would not allow VP Bong Bong Marcos to become the president of the Republic of The Philippines. So, if it happened, the Yellows have no other choice but to keep Duterte as the president and they would support him til he finishes his six-year term in office. In other words, the key to stop the Yellows from destabilizing the Duterte's Government or from plotting to oust President Duterte is Bong Bong Marcos should win his electoral protest against Leni Robredo and would be declared officially by the Supreme Court as the true winner for the Vice Presidency position. 

Calling to all Bong Bong Marcos' supporters and Duterte's supporters and the majority of the Filipinos who have given their trusts and confidence to our beloved President Duterte's capabilities to lead the country should become united as one nation and become vigilant against the Yellows' plan to destabilize the Duterte's Government as well as to support and to pray for Bong Bong Marcos' success for his electoral protest.

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