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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Duterte Administration Should Probe The Veracity of #LeniLeaks to Know If It is True Or Lies

Malacañang Palace has all the rights to investigate the truthfulness of the said rumors. It does not matter whether it is true or lies. What is important is that - Duterte's government must stand impartially to clear the doubts.

"#LeniLeaks is just a crap and does not deserve attention," said Senator Franklin Drilon

I don't agree what Senator Franklin Drilon said that #LeniLeaks is just a crap and does not deserve attention. He even scoffed Malacañang's plan to probe the issue by saying that it should not give serious consideration on a series of leaked emails which appeared online. He added saying, "If this is something that is serious, it should not appear in social media in the first place."

Everybody knows who is Franklin Drilon on this planet - he is just one of the 24 Senators of Philippine Senate - who also belongs to the same political party where VP Leni Robredo is also a member of the Liberal Party of the Philippines. Among the 24 Senators - he is the first Senator who reacted on #LeniLeaks.

I had that thought - if there was no hiding agenda on #LeniLeaks about the plot to oust President Duterte - Senator Franklin Drilon should at least become positive to suggest Malacañang Palace to investigate the matter that is to stop US million Filipinos to suspect him as one of the plotters to kicking-off Duterte out of Malacañang. Sabi nga po sa kasabihan "Bago magliyab ang apoy, una munang makikita ay usok" that is what Senator Drilon has forgotten.

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