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Saturday, February 11, 2017

John is One of The 12 Common Words That Relate About Throne Also Known The Seat of Power

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The Seat of Power - Photo Credits: Free Online Dictionary
If you would be asked: What place in your home where you feel comfortable and considered it as the 'place of ease' others call it as the 'place for relaxation' or a 'place for refreshment of body and mind?' What would be your answer?

I actually thought that each of us are already familiar for the 12 common words that might help you sort out the answers for the above questions. But excuse me if you found them uncomfortable to ears though they disclosed truth.
  • Can
  • Comfort Station
  • Commode
  • Crapper
  • Dunny
  • Head
  • John
  • Latrine
  • Loo
  • Privy
  • Throne
  • and W.C.
Now, then let us look for their meanings to get the idea how these terms relate the existence of a throne also known the 'seat of power'.

The word Can stands for a receptacle for garbage, ashes, or a bucket, pail or other for holding or carrying liquids.

Comfort Station refers to a room or building with toilet and lavatory facilities for public use.

Commode refers to a portable toilet, especially one on a chair with wheels as for an invalid.

Crapper derived from a fellow named Thomas Crapper - born back in 1836. He did have several patents related to plumbing.

Dunny derived from the British dialect word dunnekin - meaning dung-house, more often used to refer to pit lavatories out in the Australian bush - the person who appeared weekly to empty the pan beneath the seat is called Dunnyman.

Head refers to a nautical term based on location of crew toilet in the bow or head of a ship.

John is simple and sweet, it's a slang word for lavatory. It's a tough to be John sometimes.

Latrine it is a trench in the earth in a camp on bivouac area - a barracks, camp.

Loo probably from French lieux d'aisances, 'lavatory', literally 'place of ease' - picked up by British servicemen in France during World War 1. Or possibly a pun on Waterloo, based on water closet.

Privy derived from the old French prive, privee 'latrine' literally 'private place' or an outdoor toilet without plumbing.

Throne it is a chair of royalty. Other related terms include: sovereignty, dignity and power. As the saying goes - a man's home is his castle, then the toilet is indeed the seat of power.

W.C. they stand for 'water closet'. France, Germany and Mexico are among the countries that use this term.

At least and I hope so that after reading them and familiarizing them you would have at least the best idea to answer the question I stoned above. By the way, other creators considered the twelve words as the 12 toilet words to take to the tank.

Source of the idea and other info: Free Online Dictionary

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