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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Anti-Duterte are Charging Duterte's Supporters for Posting Fake Stories - Below is a Story and I Want Them to Tell Me If This is Fake Or a Fictional Piece


At around 4 PM, Friday December 16, 2016 at Brgy. Mambuklaw, Dick's relatives found him lying on his bed unconscious with blood. Quickly as lightning, they brought him to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment. They also reported it to the police to investigate the incident. The police reports said that Dick was alone when the incident happened. He was inside his bedroom, drinking alone. He was desperately sad and lonely when he found Maggie - his beloved - has another affair and this propelled him to commit suicide by stabbing at himself with a pointed knife.

I Live. I Like. I Love. I Share - a Sweet-Love-Affair
The police records said that Dick met Maggie somewhere in 2014 during the month of flowers. Dick with friends was preparing the church for the coming celebration of Saint Mary - their Patron Saint, when a young lady who was at her 18th - five years younger than Dick came around. She was beautiful with long hair lying at her back. She has tantalizing eyes that full of life and expectations. Her beauty attracted Dick when she looked at him smiling.
Dick immediately introduced himself in a gentle manner, got her name, her address and telephone number and started their friendship. According to Dick there was changes happened to him. Every time he was with Maggie those feminine feelings and desires he has when he was a teenager were gradually driven out and this young lady has become the subject of his imaginations.
"With all my love and affection, I tried to understand Maggie, but hatred roomed in my heart. I tried to give my blessings for her but my heart was closed and locked. What I saw was all darkness and no light leading to forgive her. I thought she's the answer of my prayers to help me live to normal life. But I was wrong. She just played my love and cares. I found her having an affair. This pushed me to commit suicide as I could no longer bear the pains inside me," confessed Dick to the police.
The police said that Dick was sixteen years old when he found himself living in a different world of his manhood. He thought it was just a part of becoming older; the changes that took place and the way he felt. When he met Rib who was dark, tall and handsome, who was two years older than him - there were some kinds of feelings that were somewhat different from those feelings he has when he was with the girls. He started craving for Rib and wanted to feel his whole identity.
​"Yes. I wanted to cease those disturbing feelings for Rib and worked hard to live for a normal life but I have no power to stop them. I mingled with girls of my age - hoping for a change – but they seemed useless. I extremely wanted Rib to be always on my side," Dick confessed, "I am a man by nature. I am young and handsome with lovable face and kissable lips that any woman would love to touch it and to kiss it."
And when Dick met Maggie, everything was back to normal. He always called her on the phone and went dating often. There were hundreds of roses, hundreds of chocolates he bought for Maggie. He loved her so much. She was his everything. And they started planning so many things for what the future may hold for them. They planned about the wedding to take place - how many people to be invited and the best place for their honeymoon. All those things inspired Dick to live and enjoy a normal life.
"But one day, I woke up and found that our sweet love-affair relationship has ended. Maggie was a lesbian. She kept her real identity from me for a long time. Maggie has an affair with the same sex at her age!" Dick said.
For me the difference between Fake News Stories and Fictional News Stories are as follows:
  • Fake news Stories also known as False News are created to mislead people, to drive Web traffic, to entertain and for making profit.
  • Fictional News Stories are stories produced by the power of Imagination. Those stories do not actually exist in real life or one that people believe in without proof. 
  • However, the good news about Fake news stories and fictional news stories is that they entertain people who read them.

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