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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Haunting Calls of Three Wild Beauties Add More Intense for Duterte to Kicking Off Drug Menace, Crime and Corruption in The Country

Whether you believe it or not, the truth prevails that after the remarkable people's power revolt in 1986, the Philippines was managed by some powerful oligarchs who have the capacity to rule and to command and had chosen puppet leaders to lead the country. For the passed thirty years we saw it and yet we still see it until now that the rich had become richer while most of the Filipinos have become poorer because of the present of corruption in the government offices, the drug menace and crimes in the country side.

During those years, thousands of thousands of our Filipino brothers and sisters have decided to go abroad to work as doctor, nurses, skilled technicians, janitors and laborers, house maids, drivers, teachers and trainers, barbers, medical technicians, computer operators, tailors and many more. They were commonly working in hospitals, establishments, construction firms, industrial companies, private and government offices, supermarkets and malls, hotels and restaurants with courage, dedication and commitments.

Now then, the Filipinos have produced a president who is not puppet to lead the country and now working hard to kicking off the drug menace, crime and corruption - but his enemies the Yellows are on their way to oust him. With the present of the three lovely wild beauties in the named of Leila, Leni and Loida - these three are in full of fury barking in front of President Duterte for his down fall. They are professional and are considered successful with their chosen careers. They are haunting the President Duterte with their dirty tricks to demoralize him and his administration.

 Senator Leila De Lima, VP Leni Robredo and Loida Nicolas Lewis - The Three Wild Beauties

I still remember the beautiful and a very inspiring talks made by President Duterte when he appealed to the Filipinos. He said, "I am here because the Filipinos are suffering in the hands of corrupt government officials and its failure to protect and provide the needs of its people.

"I am here to correct and to establish order in my beloved country. Many will stop me, many will go against me and many even try to kill me because my principle and dignity over on how to fix this country.

"This will be my last candidacy due to my age. But if God bless me with your help, I might change this country that you all be proud of and my legacy will extend far beyond next Filipino generation."

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