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Thursday, December 8, 2016

President Duterte: I Will Go Exactly The Way I Understand The Problem

The Filipinos are lucky to have President Duterte - whose interests and dedications are merely focused for the best of the country and the Filipino people. He stands firmly and is working hard to the best of his capacity to run the country for the Filipinos to enjoy good governance and to making the Filipinos dream comes true - a country where Filipinos will live peacefully, a country where poverty, corruption, crimes, terrorisms and drugs are eradicated.

Subali't sa kabila ng lahat na nagawa ng administrasyon ni Pangulong Duterte marami pa rin bulag na mga Filipino na hindi nakakakita at nakakadama sa maraming magagandang bagay na nagawa na at kasalukuyang ginagawa pa ng ating bagong administrasyon. Sila yong mga nasa kabilang partido na magpahanggang ngayon ay hindi parin matanggap ang kanilang pagkatalo. Sila ang mga dilawan na hindi mapakali at hindi magawang makipagkasundo sa bagong halal na pangulo. They are there planning how to oust the president.

Anyway, if you have the extra time, watch the above video - it is a recorded conference between President Duterte, the Ombudsman, the Representative of the Lower House of Congress and the Representative of the Supreme Court. While the Upper House of Congress (the Senate) did not show up. The video will give you all the details of the initial reports about the achievements of each branches during the first five months of Duterte's administration. And what attracted me the most was when President Duterte said, "I will go exactly the way I understand the problem."

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