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Thursday, December 8, 2016

6 Days Courting, on The Seventh Day, I Married My Wife: Today is Our 30th Year Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 30th year wedding anniversary but my wife has already gone with the Lord on July 24th of 2015. With our three loving children, We are celebrating the day remembering her.

Paul and Imelda

30 years ago, my first encounter with my wife Imelda started on December 3, 1986. I started courting her that day and on December 8, 1986, I got her approval to marry me. We brought our plan to her parents and it was approved. Also that same day, we contacted our chosen sponsors and we were advised to see them in the morning the next day at Trece, Martirez City Hall to get the marriage license and other documents needed for the civil wedding.

Finally, on December 9, 1986 at around 9AM with the help of our sponsors all the documents necessary for the wedding were completed. At around 10:30 AM we proceeded to the office of the Municipal OIC mayor located at the second floor of the Municipality City Hall.

Paul and Children

The ceremony was simple and very fast. It only took less than ten minutes after the OIC mayor declared, "I pronounce you Paul and Imelda as husband and wife - Paul you may now kiss your wife." Following his declaration were the wishes of congratulations and the signing of our names and our signatures on the documents with his signature and the signatures of our godparents.

Nine months after, my wife delivered our first baby boy on October 16, 1987.We gave him a name Jeffrey. However, on his 9th month on this planet, our child died. It took us for almost a year of mourning. But the good news followed when in April 1988, Imelda conceived our second baby which was a girl - she delivered her on December 5, 1989. We gave her the name Marife.

While in 1991, November 21, again we welcomed another baby girl, we gave her the name Maricar and again we received another blessing from the Almighty, Imelda has again conceived another angel and has delivered her on December 30, 1992 and we gave her the name MaryJoy. She's the last angel my wife has conceived before she expelled her last breathe on July 24, 2015.

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