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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Senator Panfilo 'Ping' Lacson, Partner For Change

When the Committee made the decision to replace the chairmanship of Justice on Human Rights, Panfilo Lacson did not hesitate to cast his vote favoring Senator Gordon as the new Chairman of Justice on Human Rights Committee to replace Senator De Lima who at that time has made her first dramatic walked out from the Senate floor when caught coaching and overprotecting the controversial witness Mr. Edgar Matobato and got mad when Senator Cayetano made his statement on his privilege speech that the Committee is being used to destroy President Duterte.

Panfilo ‘Ping’Lacson is one of the Philippine Senators that I admired most. He started his career as Senator in 2001 to 2013. And had won again for the senatorial position on May 9, 2016 polls as an independent candidate. And during the Senate Inquiry on the ExtraJudicial Killings, Panfilo Lacson has shown his dedication and fairly judgement to the witnesses presented by the Senator De Lima.

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