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Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Yellow Media (Biased Media Networks) Must Know The Powers Of The President Of The Philippines

The Powers Of The President Of The Philippines

  • Executive power
  • Power of appointment
  • Power of removal
  • Power of control
  • Military powers
  • Pardoning power
  • Borrowing power
  • Diplomatic power
  • Budgetary power
  • Informing power
  • Other powers

So masasabi ko ngayon na isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit sa tuwing magkakaroon ng eleksyon for the presidency position - ang mandaya ay laging nandiyan. Salamat na lang na si kandidatong Duterte ang nanalo sa pagka presidente. He is an honest man of law and not a puppet leader. 

Looking at the above powers of the President of the Philippines, one can say that he is the highest man and powerful man of this country. So, the Yellow Media and other Biased Media Networks including the Bayarang Journalists should know properly and educate themselves that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte who was officially elected by the 16 million plus Filipinos on May 9, 2016 election has the power to appoint, to remove, to control and to apply his military power and his other powers granted to him by the Constitution of the Philippines.

I just hope that the Bayarang Journalists of Rappler, GMA7, ABS-CBN and other biased media networks journalists should cease from delivering misleading news reports to public with the intention to destroy the credibility of the newly-elected president Duterte in exchange for money paid to them from an individual, institution or from a political party that against Duterte’s leadership.

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