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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Philippines is a Beautiful Country, Its President is Not Corrupt

"In reality the affect of drugs in the Philippines is crippling. Drug dealers may not all directly murder people (though some do) but they do kill people, ruin lives and destroy families. It is heart breaking to lose any life and I’m sure everyone has a reason as to why they ‘had’ to become a drug dealer but these people are being given an opportunity to surrender, to make the right choice, to stop killing people via drugs – if they choose to continue then they are fully aware of the consequences for their actions.

"Philippines is a beautiful country and now they finally have a president whom is not corrupt, who has a proven track record of lowering crime rates and drug activity and who truly wants the best for his people. I can’t wait to go back to Philippines and not have to have a guard with an AK47 escort my children and I from our car to the hotel entrance whilst physically removing a woman whom pushed her way through to grab at me and my son….. My heart breaks for the poverty and those affected by it. May Duterte be successful in his vision for Philippines." Said Miss Lauren Jaide - an Australian netizen.

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