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Monday, November 21, 2016

Duterte: In-spite of My Dirty Mouth, I Will Give You a Clean Government

Duterte is the best man to lead the Philippines. Yes. May be the 16 million + Filipinos who voted President Duterte, are just a small percentage of our total population but we will make sure that our voices will be heard. Our fight is for the love of our country and to our countrymen. We will not allow the biased media and other potential enemies of change to manipulate us and to corrupt our minds. We will not allow once again to be ruled over by another insensitive and a puppet-like-leader. Never again.

Below is the complete sentiments of Mr. Edmon Arcipe – about his honest personal thought about the past leaderships, his haunting experiences with them and his present judgment of Duterte’s administration and is open for any feedback.

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