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Monday, February 6, 2017

I Cannot Hold to Laugh at VP Robredo When She Said: We Need to Trust The Court as The Last Bastion of Democracy

VP Robredo believes she holds everybody's trust and confidence for her. She believes herself na kaya niyang bolahin ang lahat ng mga Filipino. She is a good actor - she can conceal her true feelings and emotions in front of the million Pinoy.

VP Leni Robredo
Alam niyo ba na I almost believe her when she said that she would put trust in the fairness of the high tribunal...Happy na sana ako for her though meron pa palang kasunod sa sinabi niya na "in spite of concerns that they were partial to the family of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos following a controversial decision to allow the latter to be given a hero's burial." If VP Robredo really put her trust in the fairness of the high court (Supreme Court) she should not mention things that could attract some bias impressions.

She added saying "You know, despite the fears of many of our people that the Supreme Court would not be fair, I think we need to trust the court as the last bastion of democracy, it is the one that decides what is fair and what is not, what is right and what is wrong." Robredo: Trust SC to make right ruling on poll protest published on Feb 04, 2017 at InquirerDotNet. I agree to that - pero kayo po ba Mrs. Robredo sumusunod sa ruling ng SC? Hindi po ba isa kayo sa nagprotesta laban sa decision ng SC na malibing sa Libingan Ng Mga Bayani ang dating Pangulong Marcos?

Pakiramdam ko sa sinabi niya - malakas ang kaba na kaniyang nararamdaman ngayon sa magiging hatol ng Supreme Court sa electoral protest ni VP Bong Bong Marcos laban sa kaniya. Dapat lang naman na kabahan si VP Robredo dahil milyong-milyong Filipino ay nakakatiyak na may nangyaring dayaan sa nakaraang election. And that million of Filipino voters believed that the PCOS machine made her the Vice President - a fake VP.

Lilinawin ko lang po VP Robredo - my VP is Bong Bong Marcos - huwag mo akong isama sa sinasabi mong "the fears of many of our people" dahil kailan man I did not feel any fear with the other 14 million+ Filipinos who have given their trust and confidence to Bong Bong Marcos. In our hearts, in our beliefs - the real winner and the real VP is no other than Bong Bong Marcos - not you Mrs. Robredo.

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