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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Senator Leila de Lima: I Will Not Retreat From This Fight

"I am willing to be shot in front of the president....I am confident to prove him wrong. I will stand by my innocence, any time now and forever. If the loss of my freedom is the price I have to pay for standing up against the butchery of the Duterte regime, then it is a price I am willing to pay," Senator Leila de Lima said in a statement. "But they are mistaken if they think my fights ends here. It has only begun." 
Magmula na si Ms. Leila de Lima ay naging Senadora ng Philippine Senate - hindi maikakaila na naging hayag sa lahat ng mga Filipino sa buong mundo - ang nakakapanindig balahibo niyang kasikatan - pati ang kaniyang sexual fantasies ay naging paboritong pinag-usapan ng mga netizens. 
Senator Leila de Lima of the Liberal Party condemned the Philippine Drug War and urged the Philippine Congress to investigate. She called for an end of vigilante killings of drug suspects.

On her privilege speech at Senate on August 2, 2016 she noted that "we cannot wage the war against drugs with blood..." De Lima laments the indifference of the new government to extrajudicial killings and warns that more innocent people will suffer if the killings fail to stop. 
On August 17, 2016, the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte alleged that de Lima had been having an affair with her driver, Ronnie Dayan, who Duterte also alleged functioned as De Lima’s collector for drug protection money when she was the Justice secretary. 
Ang Senado ay naging stageshow ng makulay niyang buhay. Hanggang sa kasalukuyang siya ay humaharap ng iba't ibang kaso. Tanong lang po mga Kabayan: Kung mapatunayan na siya ay nagkasala - anong parusa ang dapat ipataw sa kaniya: Habang Buhay na Pagkabilanggo O Kamatayang Bitay?
Duterte also alleged that De Lima’s driver had been using drugs. Duterte later announced that he had in his possession wiretaps and ATM records which confirmed his allegations. He explained that he had received them from an unnamed foreign country. 
In September 2016, de Lima was removed from her position chairing a Senate Justice and Human Rights committee investigating extrajudicial killings. De Lima, later, admitted her relationship with Dayan. In December 2016, de Lima received praise from international human rights advocates and journalists for her criticism of Duterte's Drug War despite political repression against her. 
On February 17, 2017, she was charged of drug-related by the administration of Rodrigo Duterte.

While on February 21, 2017 (InvestingDotCom) De Lima told reporters, "With the coming out of Lascanas, there's no more doubt that our president is a murderer and a sociopathic serial killer. I will not retreat from this fight now that I know I am not alone. We are plenty already, so they should be scared. I call on all our countrymen that have yet to act, to hold responsible the murderer president of the country."

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