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Monday, March 6, 2017

Congrats to BBM For Winning on The First Round: PET Rejects VP Robredo's Petition to Trash BBM's Electoral Protest

This is a captivating news report which was highlighted at Ms Jessica Sojo's State of The Nation Address aired by GMA television network - informing the public that VP Leni Robredo's petition asking the PET (Presidential Electoral Tribunal) to ignore VP BongBong Marcos' Electoral Protest was rejected because the tribunal has found the complaint to be sufficient in form and substance.

VP Leni Robredo
Now I am sending my good wishes and congratulations to our beloved VP BongBong Marcos for winning on the first round and also I would like to celebrate the happiness I am feeling now with the 14 million+ Filipinos who have given their trusts and confidence to VP BongBong Marcos during the May 9, 2016 polls. And if possible, disseminate the good news to other Filipinos in the whole world.

Read the below explanations and reasons why PET has rejected VP Leni Robredo's petition as well as the views and comments of Robredo and Marcos' lawyers.

According to PET, I quote "On the matter of the sufficiency of the protest, the same is already beyond dispute. With the issuance of the summons, the tribunal has found the complaint to be sufficient in the form and substance. The protest contained narrations of ultimate facts on the alleged irregularities and anomalies in the contested clustered precincts, which the protestant needs to prove in due time. ...It must be emphasized that as to the veracity of the protestant's allegations, nothing yet has been proved."

Below is the views and comments of Atty. Romulo Macalintal - Robredo's lawyer, I quote:

"Thus, the PET stressed that, as to the veracity of the protestant's allegations, nothing yet has been proved. This means that Mr. Marcos is just being given the opportunity to prove his case. The case would still go through the usual tedious and lengthy process of revision and recount of the ballots. The ballot boxes and their contents would be retrieved from various provinces to be brought to the PET for the recount."

While Atty. Vic Rodriguez - Marcos' lawyer explains, I quote "We are now looking to the resolution of another pending ex parte motion that we have filed, 'yun po yung pagse-set na ng preliminary conference. Importante yun hanggang mai-set na yung prelim conference upang umusad na nang mas mabilis ang election protest na inihain niya'."

Of course, we all know that to wait for the final results of this electoral protest is a long way - pero lagi tayo nanjan para suportahan ang laban ng ating VP BongBong Marcos. 

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