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Friday, November 25, 2016

Since When The Philippines Has Become The Laughing Stock of The World

Would you agree if I said: The Philippines has become the #LaughingStock of the world at the time the former president Corazon Aquino started her presidency in 1986 and other 6 years of NoyNoy Aquino?...

Nakakatawa nguni't nakakainis din - isang gobyerno nguni't iniasa ang Ekonomiya ng Pilipinas sa balikat ng mga OFWs (Filipino Overseas Workers) sa panahon ni Cory. You might laugh at me if I said that 'The Philippines has become the laughing stock of the world' at the time the EDSA Revolution was born. But I cannot force you to believe my affirmation. Below are facts to support my idea.

Untold story of Martial Law (Aquino - Marcos)

In 1986, when President Cory started her presidency, her appointees wrote a new constitution. In the constitution, they placed a rule that ensured oligarchs 60% ownership on any foreign investments in the Philippines. Ano pa ang kikitain ng gobyerno sa ganuong partehan? Di ba nakakatawa yon at nakakainis din.

What is Oligarch means? Oligarch is defined as a ruler in an Oligarchy - a very rich businessman with a great deal of political influence. An Oligarch can rule and command. The family of Aquino, Cojuangco, Lopez and other very rich businessmen, mga bilyonaryong obispo in the country are considered Oligarchs.

Did you know when President Corazon Aquino took her office in 1986, the Philippine Economy rested on the shoulders of the OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers). During her term, the old Oligarchy that former president Marcos abolished have risen back into power while the nation was plunged further into poverty. To date these 10 million + OFWs are still active helping the Philippine Government through the billions of billions of dollars they remitted back home annually.

Hindi ba nakakatawa yon - na ang katuwang para bumuhay sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas sa panahon ni Pangulong Cory Aquino at hanggang ngayon ay ang mga OFWs na nagpakahirap sa ibayong-dagat? Samantala yaong mga mayayamang mga negosyante ay lalong nagpayaman!

Did you know that during her term, the Philippine Education was neglected, ensuring young generation of voters will become ignorant. Kaya ang naging resulta - sa loob ng 30 years ang ating mga kabataan noon at dala pa nila ngayon ay namuhay sa kamangmangan at kasinungalingan. In 30 years after the 1986 EDSA revolution, the Philippines and its people lived in darkness dahil sa maling pamamalakad ni Cory na ngayon gagawin pang Santa.

Ang masakit pa, the Philippine which was owned by the Oligarchs started her period to date, mystified the 1986 EDSA Revolution, glorified its participants and demonized everything about Marcos.

What is the legacy then? 30 years after the EDSA Revolution, Filipinos can clearly see its legacy such as: Monopoly of the Oligarchs .Hegemony of the Media - hanggang ngayon buhay silang mga biased media networks. Mediocre life of the Middle class and Eternal suffering of the poor.

Source of info: Asingan Pangasinan and my personal observation and experience

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